Need Vitamin Sea? Here are 8 Charming Beaches in Batam

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When you hear the word Batam, what comes to mind is the electronic business industry. Batam is also better known as the entrance to Singapore. These two things stand out the most from Batam, even though Batam has great potential as a marine tourism destination, one of which is beach tourism.

For those who need vitamin sea, aka beach lovers, check out the beach reviews in Batam that you must visit below!

1. Ranoh Island Beach

This beautiful beach is located on an island at the tip of Batam Island. The location is still in the same cluster as Abang Island, namely Ranoh Island. This tourist destination is a new tourist destination with hidden places that hold extraordinary beauty.

You will be treated to a very refreshing view of Ranoh Island Beach with clean white sand, sloping beach lips, and quite calm waves. The beach is decorated with towering coconut trees and clear turquoise seawater.

The facilities on Ranoh Island are quite adequate, such as glamping or glamor camping facilities that will make your vacation memorable. In addition, there is also lodging for backpackers. The manager does not charge an entrance fee until now, but there are various tour packages to this island.

2. Abang Island Beach

The beach, which is a destination for snorkeling and diving activities, is located on an island south of Batam Island, namely Abang Island. The Batam City government is developing this fairly quiet island by offering its underwater beauty.

Abang Island is an island that is fairly small but has amazing underwater beauty. Here you can see a school of colorful fish swimming among the coral reefs. In addition, the beach has clean white sand decorated with waving palms.

The facilities on Abang Island are still inadequate, but there are already homestays for island visitors. In addition, some resorts and hotels have wifi access. The manager has not charged an entrance ticket, but there are many tour package offers to visit this island.

3. Mubut Darat Beach Pantai

Mubut Darat Island is an empty, uninhabited island, in contrast to Mubut Laut Island, filled with residents. You have to make the trip to Mubut Darat Island for about 20 minutes by pompong boat from Sembulang Village, Batam City.

When you arrive at Mubut Darat Island, you will be greeted with clean white sand and clear turquoise seawater. The beach has big waves on the west side and calmer ones on the east side. With calm waves, you can swim safely like in a pool.

Mubut Island has an amazingly beautiful beach view. Its beauty is now supported by the basic facilities that visitors need. There is a gazebo that is rented out for a place to rest. Besides that, there are bathroom facilities, a prayer room, a shop, and also a cottage to stay.

4. Permata Beach Subang Mas Island

Permata Beach is about 60 families inhabit a beach located on Subang Mas Island. The livelihoods of the people here are mostly fishermen. On this island, there is the tomb of a princess named Dahlia Princess from the Riau-Lingga Kingdom.

This island has beautiful and natural scenery. The beauty of the clear turquoise sea water blends with the white and soft sand of the beach. In addition, there are granite rocks adorning the quiet shoreline because there are not so many visitors.

Basic facilities such as toilets for rinsing and camping equipment are also available. If you want to eat. There is a dining area serving food and drinks. It is recommended to bring basic medicines in case of unwanted things such as being stung by a jellyfish.

5. Elyora Beach

Galang Baru is the location of Elyora Beach. It is located at the end of the series of Balerang bridges, namely bridge 6. There is no public transportation to this beach, so you have to bring a private vehicle or rent a vehicle and follow the sign that shows the direction to the beach.

Elyora Beach has clean white sand with a sloping shoreline. The shoreline looks more aesthetic with the growth of mangrove trees, often used to take selfies. In addition, you can feel the fresh seawater by playing on a swing which is located a bit far from the beach.

On this beach, there are basic facilities, such as toilets and showers for rinsing. In addition, there is also a gazebo where you can rest for a while and a large parking area. Existing facilities allow you to bring family members including children.

6. Tegar Putri Beach

Tegar Putri Beach is located at the far end of Galang Island, precisely in Galang Baru. The area is still connected by the Balerang bridge. If you want to go to this place, you should use a private car or rent it because there is no public transportation.

This beach tourism is relatively new, so nature is still natural. This beach is also shaded by large, lush trees. The beach is soft white sand and clean. Here you can swim because the beach is fairly sloping. In addition, the seawater is still clear and clean.

The supporting facilities on this beach are quite adequate, such as prayer rooms, toilets, and bathrooms for rinsing. In addition, the manager also provides a trash can to keep the beach clean.

7. Mirota Beach

Mirota Beach is a beach resort located in Galang District, precisely in Si Heart Village. To get to this beach, you have to pass the Balerang Bridge, where the location of the beach is close to Bridge 5 with a travel time of about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The beauty of this beach is its white sand combined with blue sea and a tinge of turquoise green. This beach has a beautiful surrounding environment with green trees and is decorated with corals on the shoreline.

The supporting facilities on this beach are quite complete, so it will make you comfortable when spending time here. Around the beach, there are places to stay such as hotels, villas, and cottages. There is also a gazebo that you can rent for 50 thousand.

8. Semandore Beach

Semandore Beach is a newly opened beach. To reach this beach you have to travel by land for 1 hour to Sembulang Village. The journey continues by motorboat, which takes 30 minutes. The location of the beach is not far from Karas Island and Mubut Island.

The beach has white sand and clear seawater with turquoise green gradations. One unique thing is that the shoreline is decorated with stones like the beaches in Belitung. The scenery around the beach is so enchanting also not to be missed.

The basic facilities on this beach are quite adequate, such as toilets, prayer rooms, and gazebos for relaxing. One interesting thing, on this beach, there are small boats and oars if you want to feel sailing on the beach.

The beauty of the beaches in Batam is like vitamins for the freshness of our bodies. The beaches are full of incredible charm so you won’t be disappointed by their beauty. Before you plan a trip to Batam, be sure to read more about Batam and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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