Must Try! 7 Addicting Likupang Culinary

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Vacations are synonymous with doing all kinds of fun activities. No exception by tasting a variety of delicious culinary specialties where we travel, right?

This tourist spot is on the island of Sulawesi, precisely in the Likupang area. Is one of the sub-districts in Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, the Likupang area has become a Super Priority Tourism Area of ​​the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

For those of you who are visiting and vacationing in the Likupang area, you can stop by some places to eat that sell typical food of this tourist area which is famous for being delicious. There are even some foods that you have never tried, you know!

Indeed, the food will never disappoint you. So, when on vacation, make sure you find out the full range of culinary specialties of tourist areas.

In addition to enriching the flavors you’ve, tried, of course, perpetuating it is a fun way to vacation. So, want to know the typical food line in Likupang? Come on, let’s go one by one.

1. Tinutuan Porridge

This typical Likupang cuisine is certainly often discussed in several articles and social media. Yep, tinutuan porridge is another name for Manado porridge. This porridge is made from pumpkin mixed with several types of vegetables.

Of course, for those of you lovers of porridge, you should not miss enjoying this North Sulawesi porridge. The vegetables are also quite complete such as kale, corn, spinach, cassava leaves to a sprinkling of basil leaves which will add to the fragrant aroma when eaten.

Usually, this porridge is eaten with the addition of sambal roa and also fried skipjack or nike fish cakes. Lemon juice will also add to the rich taste of each bite. Wow, you can already imagine how delicious it is when eaten warm.

2. Banana Goroho and Sambal Roa

The following typical Likupang cuisine still uses the famous sambal roa. The goroho banana with sambal roa dip will undoubtedly be a snack that you should try.

Have you ever tasted goroho bananas yet? Or maybe you’ve just heard of this Likupang light snack? Gorontalo banana is a type of banana in Gorontalo. This type of fruit is generally processed while still ripe.

Green skin with a hard texture, these bananas are cut a little thick lengthwise like french fries. The taste is also savory, with a crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Hmm, it’s okay to go with spicy chili sauce like chili roa.

3. Panada

This third snack is also well known among culinary lovers. It is panada. The shape is like pastel cakes on the island of Java. In the local language of Likupang, panada means stuffed fish wrapped in bread.

Besides being similar to pastels, pandanus also looks almost the same as other foods such as jalangkote. The filling of these three cakes is what makes the difference. If you are curious as to what the difference is, of course you have to try it when you are in Likupang.

The stuffing used is generally shredded skipjack tuna that has been seasoned spicy with the addition of basil leaves. In one bite,you will feel the savory and spicy sensation of the stuffing and crunchy skin of the panada bread.

4. Lalampa

Now, this Likupang culinary dish is also almost similar to lemper in Java. Made from glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, lalampa uses a spicy, shredded tuna filling.

Including coastal areas, it’s no wonder that processed fresh fish will dominate the typical food of Likupang. In addition to the legit and savory taste of sticky rice, you will also feel the spicy and delicious filling of the cob. Before being burned over coals, the banana leaf wrapping the lalampa will be smeared with vegetable oil which adds to its delightful aroma when it is ripe.

5. Tinoransak

In addition to culinary delights with various fresh fish preparations, Likupang also has other specialties such as tinoransak. It’s a unique name.

Tinoransak is a food made from processed meat cooked with Manado special spices, North Sulawesi. The beef used in general is pork.

For those of you who can’t eat pork, don’t worry. Now there are many restaurants or food stalls in Likupang that provide tinoransak with beef or chicken. So, all people can feel the pleasure of this one food.

6. Skipjack Fufu

Skipjack tuna is one of the most abundant fish commodities in Likupang. Of course, there will be a lot of North Sulawesi specialties that use this fish raw material.

The large supply of fish makes the surrounding community preserve it by smoking. In Manado, this smoking process is called “fufu”. Even tuna fufu can be preserved for one month at room temperature.

Wow, you can do this for those of you who plan to bring souvenirs back from Likupang. No need to worry about rotting when you get home. It’s easy and delicious. Generally, skipjack fufu will be consumed with Minahasa’s typical dabu-dabu sambal.

7. Jaha Rice

Who here has ever tasted Nasi Jaja? Wow, it seems that many people don’t know about this dish. At first glance, ginger ric, often called ginger rice, looks like lemang from West Sumatra.

Seeing rice’s  traditional way of making it will undoubtedly be an experience that will never be forgotten. A mixture of rice and glutinous rice that has been washed and then seasoned and given coconut milk. After that, it steamed first and then burned in the bamboo.

The strong ginger taste plus the delicious coconut milk will increase your appetite, of course. Jaha rice will be suitable if eaten with side dishes such as shredded skipjack tuna or processed venison and beef. Curious how it feels?

Well, all of these Likupang cuisines are delicious. From snacks to meals are available to taste and to bring home. Indonesia is rich in taste and spices. Vacation is more than just food. And it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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