Why is Sociology an important subject for UPSC

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When we talk about sociology for UPSC, we talk about human psychology and how social norms, rules, and regulations change human psychology for better or worse. And as a citizen of India, we must understand the way people work even if we are not specifically preparing for the UPSC exam. Without people, there is no Nation, and without a nation, there is no necessity for a government body, and therefore people should be your main point of focus, mainly if you pursue a government job field. The sociology test series is the best way to do that without fretting about other activities at your wake.

Being a government official is not easy, mainly if you apply for the UPSC exam and go forward from there. It is challenging to crack the exam, meet all the eligibility criteria and finally prove worthy of the title. Therefore, for a student still preparing for that arduous journey, sociology gives you an easy way to score the top marks in the examination. The syllabus through vast is straightforward to understand. The subject talks about people, their cultures and practices and so most of it you can learn by yourself by observing everyone around you.

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Sociologists in the sociology domain are people with immense knowledge and people skills. That is why the government included the subject as a UPSC optional in the first place. The UPSC sociology syllabus is as below, and you need to go through all the topics to score the highest mark here (which is very important as it decides whether or not you can work with the government in the future). Sociology has two papers. One focuses on the must-know strategies in the worldwide government bodies, and the other focuses mainly on the Indian government, their practices, and how they plan to make the world a better place for us to live.

  • Discipline via sociology

Sociology as a discipline connects everyday necessities and behaviors to the subject at hand. It is one of the most fundamental ways a student should look at sociology to understand the crux of what the topic means and how it will help them.

  • The science that drives sociology and the Research methods required.

Science is everywhere and thus even in sociology. Though the subject is theoretical, it requires a lot of research on people and their behavior. That at times requires scientific methods to prove the aim that you have. And so, you need advanced techniques and analytic tools that will help you out with the process.

  • Sociology thinkers

There are a lot of philosophers and highly educated professors from way past in time who have a working proficiency in Sociology. In this unit, you will study all the practices and the evolution of the subject from the early Independence to the present renewed theories and applications.

  • Mobility

When we say mobility, we focus on Human practices like poverty, racism, inequality, gender inequality, and many more. We talk about how they evolved over the years and how they differ from country to country and province to province. We talk about religion, ethnicity, and how they affect human behavior today.

  • Economy

Today’s economy defines the way we live, and it tells a lot about a country. With the recent hi of the COVID pandemic, we know how drastically the Indian economy changed. This subject focuses on the core concepts that will help you create a contingency plan if something like this occurs again. The great ebola, the great depression, and finally, the COVID today opened our eyes to how an economy can change how an entire country works.

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