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How to run ecommerce business successfully in Dubai

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Today, the e-commerce business is booming internationally. The e-commerce market is progressively displacing traditional retailers. This is notably visible in commerce in electronics, furniture, apparel, and home items. Unlike normal businesses, an internet store is far less expensive, and at the same time, its audience is not geographically confined to a city, area, or even a nation. It is easier to do digital marketing for e-commerce and affortable as well.

As for the UAE, the e-commerce sector is as attractive as the internet marketplaces in any other field. The e-commerce market now surpasses $10 billion, and because over 90 per cent of the population has access to the Internet, there is significant potential for additional expansion.

Also, internet commerce and other forms of company are subject to advantageous tax treatment conditions that operate in free zones. A well-developed logistical infrastructure — ports, airports, and ground communication networks make this country a genuine paradise for an internet retailer.

So, if you want to create an e-commerce firm in Dubai, you must go through a variety of steps, from website construction to acquiring an approved e-commerce licence.

E-main commerce’s advantages in Dubai

Entrepreneurs who create an internet business in one of Dubai’s free zones get the following advantages:

There are no taxes or fees (except a 5% VAT).

There are no limitations on capital withdrawals or currency conversions.

The potential of owning a foreign firm outright in one of the open zones;

Compared to other jurisdictions, operating costs are cheaper.

With an e-commerce licence, there are no import/export duties.

The prospect of acquiring a three-year UAE resident visa with the opportunity of renewal.

Regarding the process of establishing online e-commerce business in UAE, the process of beginning a business contains various steps:

  • Select the type of company
  • Register a legal entity;
  • Choose and rent an office.
  • Get a  online business license
  • Open a bank account.

How to establish an online business in the UAE?

The procedure of creating a company in the free zone of Dubai and acquiring an online business license here relies on the kind of commerce and the specific free area. The general trading licence and the e-commerce trade licence are the easiest and fastest to receive. Over 80 percent of enterprises have such permits and trade-in diverse groupings of commodities.

In general, setting up an online business in Dubai begins with completing an application for a licence for e-commerce. This  online business license enables it permissible to do business and sell things indicated in this.

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