What are the different types of roof trusses?

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The roof is an essential structure of a home or commercial property; therefore, ensuring that your roof has the proper framework support should be your top priority. There are two methods to achieve this- the traditional roof framing method and the roof truss method. Of the two, the roof truss method is most prevalent in Russellville, AR. The roof truss forms the core of a home’s stability or a building’s roof.

For the past many years, trusses have been more commonly used than rafters by most commercial and residential property owners in all major cities of the US. Why? They are economical to build, highly durable, and offer far more benefits as they are more technologically advanced. You will find one at an arm’s distance if you are also looking for qualified roofers who can provide you with top-notch trusses in Russellville, AR. Russellville is the largest city in Pope County, Arkansas, United States, with an average population of 30,971. Eighty-one thousand six hundred seventy-nine roofing contractors are operating in the US as of 2022, and Arkansas is the home to many roofing experts.

Once you have decided to go for the roof truss option, you will have to choose the design that best suits your property. So to get a brief idea about the different types of trusses, continue reading!

Different types of trusses

King Post Truss

These are the simplest roofing truss that uses the fewest truss components-one central vertical post called the king post, one bottom chord, two top chords, and two webbing chords. Since these are the most basic truss type and use the fewest materials, they are the cheapest. However, this means that king post trusses cannot be used for large projects; they are ideal for small-scale projects like garage construction, home addition, etc.

Queen Post Truss

The Queen post truss is considered the most reliable, sturdy, and versatile type of roof truss, which can be used for almost every project. These trusses can be easily spanned through 10 to 14 meters distance and have an effortless design. They are almost similar to king post trusses, but instead of one central king post, these trusses have two queen posts. Therefore, Queen post trusses are the most suitable for residential home construction.

Pratt Truss

It is the most popular type of steel truss and is very economical. Pratt truss roofing includes diagonal and vertical members that slope toward the center. These types of trusses can span 6-20 meters of distance. It is the most efficient design as the longer diagonal members are under tension while the shorter vertical members experience compression. Its unique design also reduces the cost of the structure significantly.

Fink Truss

A fink truss is a very common roof truss that you usually see in homes and pedestrian buildings. It has a simple yet efficient shape. It makes a ‘W’ shape between the chords, which gives it the ultimate strength. These types of trusses can span from around 5 to 10 meters. Besides this, they are also considered the most budget-friendly roofing options available today.

Howe truss

Howe trusses are a perfect combination of steel and wood. As a result, they offer the most elegant and appealing design. In these trusses, almost every component is made of wood except the tension members or the vertical components manufactured of steel, which offers extra support and durability.

Now that you know the top five most common types of trusses in Russellville, AR, you have probably decided which design would be best suited for your space. If so, start browsing the internet and contact the most reputed roofing contractor near you.

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