Simple ways to ensure your employees stay safe at work

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As an employer, you have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for your staff. This doesn’t mean you need to prevent all possible incidents from occurring – things can go wrong that are completely out of our control. 

What you can do, however, is focus on eliminating and minimizing as many risks as possible, to decrease the chances of these unfortunate incidents. Workplace safety refers to a number of areas, including things such as emergencies, ergonomics, and hygiene. 

So, what can you do to ensure the safety of your staff? Let’s find out. 

Perform regular risk assessments

The best place to start is by identifying any and all potential risks and hazards within your workspace. This is a task that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, so it pays to bring in an expert. A facilities management company will be able to perform the initial assessments, as well as ongoing checks to help you stay ahead of issues before they arise. 

Signage throughout your Workspace

Depending on your industry, there will be minimum legal requirements in regard to the safety signage that must be displayed throughout your facility. Start by researching these requirements, and fulfilling them as soon as possible. This could anything from labelling fire exits to chemical or manual handling procedures. 

Next, assess any extra signage you deem necessary and display it properly. Finally, perform regular checks to ensure the signs are clearly visible, free of damage, and are up to date. 

A clean space is a Safe Space

Regular cleaning is an essential part of a safe workplace. To help you stay on top of everything that needs to be done, getting the professional help of a facilities management company is a great place to start. They will oversee all of your cleaning needs, leaving you one less thing to worry about. 

Provide Regular Training

Providing knowledge is a great way to make your workplace safer. Go back to your risk assessments and identify the major areas of danger – this could be fire, medical, or some other form of emergency. Then, source and provide adequate training for your staff so they know what to do in these given situations. 

Ensure this training is provided regularly, and given to any new starters so that they are up to date. 

Provide Safety Equipment

Another simple and effective step you can take is to provide appropriate safety equipment. This will vary from business to business, so be sure to research the needs of your staff and ensure there is an ample and regular supply of these items. 


Follow these simple steps and you’ll create a safer environment for your staff in no time at all!

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