How long after vaccines Are you immune?

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Covid-19 is a well-known name in our society today. Today, everyone already knows that this virus is a very dangerous virus. Why? This is because it has an ability to infect and kill people. Besides, this virus also can spread very fast and this is why it is declared as a pandemic in early 2020 by WHO (World Health organization). Based on current statistics, Covid-19 already killed more than thousands of people since it first infected the Wuhan residential area back in December 2019. This led to a global panic and researchers then started to work on the development of Covid-19 vaccine as fast as they could. The development of Covid-19 is key in helping the world to control this growing infection. This is because only vaccination can help to eradicate this virus completely from this world.

Fast forward to today, some developers managed to develop Covid-19 vaccines. This development was announced back in late December 2020. At that time, many had predicted that these vaccines will be ready in 2021 and it will be distributed to all of us in 2021. Well, the prediction did in fact come true. In early 2021, the vaccine developer managed to get these vaccines ready to be used. At that time, many countries in this world had arranged pre-agreement to import the vaccine into their country so that they could use it. After that, people are starting to get vaccinated. The list of participants is quite long so obviously getting everyone to get vaccinated is a long process. While you are waiting for your shot, you must be thinking about it effectively. That is not an unusual thing to do. Most of the people will think about this thing. How long will the vaccine stay inside your body? How long after vaccines are you immune? We will try to take a look on this matter in this article.

As for now, we all know that there are currently three developed and distributed vaccines. These vaccines are known as Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Based on statistics shown, these vaccines are very effective. In fact, it is more effective than any other developed vaccine prior to their development. Usually, vaccines for flu for example will have an effectivity of 55% to 65 %. However, these vaccines show an effectiveness of more than 85%. Statistics have shown that Pfizer is the most effective Covid-19 vaccine with an effectiveness of 95%. Moderna is in second place with 94.1% effectiveness while Johnson & Johnson vaccine shows an effectiveness of 85% for severe Covid-19 infection. These numbers are quite impressive.

Judging by the statistics shown above, it is clear that it will definitely help boost our immunity towards Covid-19 infection. Researchers also noted that these vaccines can stay in the body for at least 3 months. However, some researchers also estimated that these vaccines can provide immunity for around 4 to 6 months. But, these are all assumptions until proven otherwise. This happens because this vaccine is still new and they need some time to test its activity first before they can give a conclusion about this matter. So far, these vaccines are quite effective and hopefully the immunity provided by them will last longer. You need to remember that obtaining these vaccine’s shot does not mean that you can ignore your role in the community. Keep on following the Covid-19 prevention guidelines until we win this war. Hopefully, all the people in this world will receive their vaccine shot as quickly as possible and we all can live in harmony again.

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