What are the pros and cons of the wall-to-wall carpets?

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When there are a lot of flooring options, choosing the best one becomes a hectic job. Although, wall-to-wall carpeting is an old technique to decorate the home. But still, it is popular and supposed as a worthy investment. Installing wall-to-wall carpet is the best way to cover the plain floor and to change the hard floor into a comfortable floor. Wall-to-wall carpets can be an ideal choice for the houses having large floor surfaces. Wall-to-wall carpets have recently made a comeback and now they are available in different and latest styles, patterns, designs and colors. When the beautiful and long patterns of wall-to-wall carpets will match the theme of the room, the room will give a more sophisticated and charming look. These carpets provide an aesthetic touch to the interior, add elegance and beauty, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the home. Choose the colors and designs of wall-to-wall carpets wisely as they will enhance or decrease (if not choose wisely) the lovely appearance of the room. The wall-to-wall carpets are available in different materials that include nylon, wool, olefin and polyester. There are many pros and some cons of wall-to-wall carpets. These are as follows.


Improve the indoor air’ quality

Wall-to-wall carpet is a great source of improving the air quality inside the home. Wall-to-wall carpets are also suitable for those people who are suffering from allergies as these carpets are non-allergic and unhygienic when they are cleaned properly. In fact, the allergiv patients can feel the soft touch under their foot. The success of wall-to-wall carpeting only depeneds upon the vacuuming them daily. Because the carpets hold dust particles on the surface. If you will not vacuum the carpets then it can become a cause of allergy.

Inexpensive and Affordable

With the installation of wall-to-wall carpets, you can decor the floor at a low cost because these carpets are cost-effective. These carpets cover the entire floor, which means no need to install expensive hardwood flooring or tiles. Those who do not have a heavy budget for the renovation of the home can consider wall-to-wall carpets.

Comfortable and Warmth

No one likes to sit or walk on the tough and hard floor. The naked floor does not offer flexibility under foot. Whereas on the other hand, wall-to-wall carpets cover the floor with softness and smoothness. In winter, they make the room warm. In the living room, dining room or any room where you want to feel warmth under feet wall-to-wall carpets can be installed.

Protect from Injuries

Wall-to-wall carpets reduce the chances of sudden accidental falls. Those who have wall-to-wall carpets in the room experience less injuries. As these carpets are long and soft, they provide safety when anyone will fall on them. The kids mostly play on the floor. You can also protect your expensive floor from the scratches by installing wall-to-wall carpets.

Noise Reduction

Sound becomes a noise in those rooms where floors are uncovered. In the bedroom, while sleeping or relaxing, noise can disturb anyone. Wall-to-wall carpets absorb sound and they can be used in the room for reducing the noise. If you have many family members then you can go with these carpets.


Too much care is needed

Caring for wall-to-wall carpets is not an easy task. These carpets require high maintenance in order to keep their beautiful appearance. Regular sweeping is necessary to remove the allergens, dandruff and dust particles. If you want to install these carpets in high foot traffic areas then you will have to vacuum twice in a week. However, a vacuum once in a week is enough in case of a low traffic area.

Cleaning them is difficult

Wall-to-wall carpets can be prone to stains, spills, mildew and mold. They are not-moisture resistant and in the room where you often eat and drink, these carpets in such a room can be dirty in a while. These carpets are too difficult to take outside for cleaning especially if you have placed bed or heavy furniture over it.

Wall-to-wall carpets offer more advantages than disadvantages as there are always two sides of a coin. If it suits your lifestyle then you can choose this option without any worry.

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