Telugu Best Emotional Movie

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A perfect movie is the one that attracts you fully that you sympathize completely and deeply on the screen with the characters. Due to covid nowadays, a trend of watching online movies is at the pick. Everyone prefers to watch movies online through the OTT platform. Apart from that south Indian film industry are doing well by proving its fan a good story that touching the heart of their fans. The acting makes you laugh or cry; good acting by the cast makes the movie hit. The form of south Indian film doing their work on screen incredibly and becoming a role model of many people. They are presenting the scripts that make the story different from others, with their super editing, sound, music, lighting, and building goodwill in the market, Telugu movies. Due to the lockdown, the movie business got affected. But many OTT platform is gaining popularity and the use of the increasing day by day. Among all, Aha became one of the most preferred platforms for watching new blockbusters movie online. The viewer was finding it exciting and preferring to watch it at home safely with their popcorns on the bed. Aha enables the south Indian movie lovers to entertain themselves even though the cinema halls are shut. They have a collection of various movies with full action, drama, extraordinary dance performances, and songs. Now everyone can enjoy their favourite movies anytime and anywhere. One of the emotional film trickling on aha is Johar.

The is beautifully scripted and excellently presented to the user. The director of the movie Teja Marni emerged different stories together excellently and outstanding. Esther Anil, AnkithKoyya, NainaGanguly, Eshwari Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, SubhalekhaSudhakar are the movie casts their work effectively. It seems that they lived their role in the film. Priyadarshan and Balasubramanian give the music of the movie. Cinematography by JagadeeshCheekati and edited by Anwar Ali and SiddharthTHatholu. Johar released on 15 august 2020 on the OTT platform AHA. Ram Vamsi Krishna produces the film.

The story of the movie relives around five different stories a poor farmer(Eeswari Rao), a young girl who runs away with chaiwala because of her mother, an older man (subhalekhaSudhakar) who have an orphan for that he runs a hotel, a poor young who is an athlete and a widow’s women who are facing problems because of her ill daughter and the chief minister’s son who becomes a chief minister after his father died and having a dream to build a statue, which will be the most enormous in the world. He wants to fulfil his dream by cutting down the state’s budget, due to which the life of everyone got affected because of the selfish decision taken by the chief minister’s son, and they all die. Later chief minister feels guilty for all his deed.


Hence just because of lockdown, don’t miss the heart touching movie johar. Take your mobile and with just a click, download Aha and watch your favourite Telugu movies online.

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