Physical or Online Pilot Courses: Which is Best for You?

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If you are thinking of an aviation career, you might want to consider taking online pilot training as a way of reducing expenses and working around your schedule. The question of going for either the physical or the online pilot courses will be answered only by the facts.

What is Online Pilot Training?

While the concept of online learning is not new, a lot of people still have vague ideas about pilots learning aviation via online portals. Online pilot training refers to the preparation, delivery, and assessment of aviation courses to piloting students over the internet via compatible devices. Online pilot education can take several forms but they are all geared towards making the process easier, less costly, and as professional as possible.

The aviation governing body, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) only requires a student pilot to be endorsed by a certified flight instructor before they can apply for a licensing exam. Therefore, whatever means that the student pilot acquires aviation knowledge is only relevant if the student passes the license exam. In other words, whether or not you attend physical or online classes, the FAA does not discriminate so long as the school is accredited.

Then why pay more for physical aviation lessons when you can benefit from online lessons?

Benefits of Online Pilot Courses

  1. Ease and flexibility of studies: When you take online aviation courses, you have the freedom to choose your learning hours and the pace at which you complete the courses. Of course, there are timeframes to complete modules, but you can select how fast you go. Studying from home is another advantage. If you learn best on your own, online courses give you that chance. If you want to interact with others, most flying schools provide a way for student pilots to interact with one another and discuss their lessons.
  2. Lifetime access to courses: For a one-time fee, you and other students will have access to your courses forever so that you can watch as many times as you need to. That is especially important for students who need to watch lessons several times to understand.
  3. Access to numerous practice tests: In readiness for your license exams, you can take and retake dozens of practice tests online until you are ready to get certified.
  4. Cost-saving: Online aviation courses will help you save time, money, and energy as you build an aviation career.


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