What is the purpose of Compressed Air Dryers?

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Compressed air Dryers are very crucial as the longevity and reliability of the users’ appliance depend on these dryers. They are used to dehumidify the air and reduce the dewpoint of it. It protects your equipment from getting damaged due to the presence of excess moisture. If this moisture is not removed it can condense and turn into a harmful liquid which can turn into a big problem and contaminate the products and damage the appliances by freezing the pipelines and causing corrosion and other leads to other issues as well. These compressors work at a fast pace so a well-compressed air dryer matches its speed and provides it with moisture-free air to process further and compress it for further use. Therefore, these operate at a fixed speed with improved and full capacity by matching its actual air demand automatically.

It is important to consult a local air components instructor and then decide which dryer is a great fit and budget-friendly for your appliance. Therefore to get the best and effective compressed air dryer for your system. You should contact and get more information by fixing a meeting with just a click with following link: https://www.ablesales.com.au/air-compressors-factory-direct/air-compressor-dryers/

What are Compressed Air Dryers?

Compressed Air Dryers are equipment that dehumidifies the atmospheric Air as when this moist atmospheric Air enters the compressor the moisture causes damage to it. It raises the air temperature and then the moisture cooldowns and condenses in the unit. These are suitable for specific operations and requirements which require a minimum dew point. In the process of compression, it is obvious that moisture will be created. But this is not good for the machinery parts. The moisture can spoil the working and can even damage the parts. If you don’t want your machine to malfunction and ultimately shut down, then it is better that you prevent the creation of moisture. And that is possible with the use of an air dryer. The air dryer will remove the moisture from the process of compression of air.  These are used in home appliances as well as in huge industries, they are a part of refrigerators, Air conditioners, etc.

Types of Compressed Air Dryers

Drying is a very important part of compressed air systems that is often overlooked and filters are overlooked too. It ensures that the air used in your storage application is clean and moist-free. Moisture in the air can create fish eyes and block media blaster outlets. The two main types of dryers are refrigerators and desiccants. And these are different from each other. The difference between them is the freezing agent inside the machine refrigerator. The dryers are divided into two categories known as cycling and non-cycling. Non Cycling dryers work full time and cycling dryers work in cool cycles. Then the second cooled liquid is sealed off while the cooled liquid is used to dry the air in the refrigerator. Refrigerator Dryers are a low-cost choice with less installation and operational charges. it Resists particles in the air.

While Desiccant dryers can be of various types such as non-heating, indoor heating, or outdoor heating. In these dryers the air flows into one of the towers filled with a drying agent that absorbs all the moisture if any, until then the opposing tower is offline and refrigerated with a clean air table, these dryers have better visibility and dewpoint capacity than refrigerator dryers. These compressed air dryers can be used remotely in any environment including hazardous. They also tend to have higher installation and repair costs by replacing it every 3-5 years. They require more filtration of airborne oil vapor and require an air purifier. Some use it from compressed air systems, which makes them less efficient than refrigerators.

There are three more types of dryers that have some specific purposes like, specific gas and liquid dryers, membrane dryers, etc. Membrane dryers can work without electricity therefore they are easy to maintain and quiet.

Benefits of Compressed Air Dryers

  • To increase productivity and performance these dryers help the system to achieve optimum levels of dew point so that performance levels can reach their highest levels.
  • These Dryers have advanced and complex designs which are patented.
  • They have very minimal operating and repairing costs. They can be managed easily and have very few chances of need for rapid repairing services.
  • They are environment friendly and do not harm nature until and unless it is working seamlessly.
  • They are highly reliable and need mostly yearly investment that is too optional. They are easy to use and can be maintained with low maintenance care.
  • They have an extremely low-pressure drop design with an integral drain that does not harm external surfaces.
  • They have a unique smart control energy-saving function that does not require a huge watt of energy to function.
  • It avoids foul damages to equipment, prevents corrosion and leaks too.
  • It prevents air system damage and avoids system failures, Which can lead to high costly repairs.

Tips to choose a good Compressed Air Dryer

Do not over-specify what you need from your dryer, as your application should be looked at and not overlooked because of the things they should not know about. Let them explain and give you details about which dryer would be sufficient as per your requirements. And also avoid giving less information. Go for a dryer system that contains an aftercooler, so that you do not face any issues related to cooling effects. Check for installed filters and filter regulators. Check for all Inlets and outlets whether they are working properly or not.


Atmospheric Air always has some percentage of water in it, therefore this water content affects optimum water concentration when the air is compressed which can lead to airline problems. This leads to water clogging in the connecting pipes and other connected equipment which damages the whole system and to avoid this situation compressed air is dried. This process is performed by Compressed Air Dryers. The purpose for which the dryers work is very essential for the better health of your equipment. So, buy the compressed air dryer at a very reputed organization to avoid any company-related maintenance issues. To save your equipment from this kind of severe damage, get yourself a good quality compressed Air Dryer to secure the future of your equipment.

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