Transport the vehicle from one city to another while moving

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Imagine how hectic it would be like to move to another city or state. For this it is necessary to hire a professional transport company. And for that, we’ll show you the easiest and most accessible options on how to transport the vehicle from one city to another or even from one state to another and important tips that can make the process easier and faster.

How to transport the vehicle from one city to another?

Many people are concerned about the costs and values ​​of transporting the vehicle from one city to another. But the truth is that several factors can determine the final value. There is no fixed amount. But these topics are taken into consideration when making the calculation –

Distance: Variations in values ​​can occur for several reasons, but it is a fact that the longer the route, the greater the value of the service. The carrier negotiates the value based on the mileage that will be covered.

Value of the vehicle to be transported: Vehicles with a high market value will be more expensive to transport. It happens because there may be an extra fee to protect the vehicle and take it with double security, as if it were a type of insurance. This topic applies to vintage, classic, luxury cars.

Vehicle size: the truth is that cars or even motorcycles that are bigger and longer can be more expensive to transport from one city to another, as they are heavier and therefore require more gasoline, in addition to the difficulty of transporting the vehicle;

Urgency: If your vehicle needs to be transported urgently, it is important to know that the value will be higher. So if you are planning this move, a series of inspections must be carried out.

Types of transport

Which is the best option for transporting: the stork, platform and trunk? The platform truck is a great option for those in a hurry and urgency in transport, as in this format your vehicle will be transported alone without other cars together. The trunk truck is the ideal option for those who are urgent, but who care 100% for the safety and integrity of the vehicle and prefer that it be transported in a completely closed truck. The stork truck is the option that combines the two previous options. The only difference is that this type of transport is not used in an emergency.

Transport your vehicle with a safe carrier

This is the first step to start planning to transport the vehicle from one city to another. A carrier can help you and show you what the best options on the market are for your needs. And it is the case of Shiply, with years of experience in transporting vehicles. Shiply works with honestly. It commits to offer the best service. It works with a regularized transport fleet and a team of qualified drivers. Before closing the deal, look for a specialized company to transport the vehicle from one city to another. Count on Shiply. Do you want to request a quote? Contact now

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