Roofing – Replacing a Wood Shingle

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Pry bar


Extension ladder

Substitute shingles


Wood Block

Roofing Cement

Roofing Nails

The Initial Step – Safety Comes First

Roofing may be harmful work. To make sure an activity is finished without injuries, several safety safeguards is highly recommended. Avoid walking a wood roof, specially when it’s raining. Choose a dry, warm day-to accomplish your roofing. Offer someone near by to secure the ladder whenever you ascend minimizing.

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Next Step – Shingle Removal

With your hammer and chisel, crack the broken bit and take it in chunks.

Next Step – Trim and check out the Substitute

Eliminate an alternate shingle therefore it seems slightly smaller sized sized sized in comparison with space it comes down lower lower to to fill (roughly 3/8 narrower). Moisture and humidity causes shingles to build up after a while, along with the space may help avoid cracking within the substitute. When you are getting it wrong, you must have a couple of extras on hands since several shingles are available in bundles.

4th Step – Make Room

Because shingles overlap, utilize a pry bar to lift it directly above the one that remains removed. In this manner, you are able to get rid of the old nails that held the broken one abnormal. This can be best labored with, obtaining a hacksaw. Also ensure any smaller sized sized sized fragments in the last shingles are extracted.

Fifth Step – Substitute

Put the brand-new one within the vacant place, allowing roughly ΒΌ inch to hold lower beyond the surrounding shingles. Drive two nails to the peak in the 45 degree position.

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Sixth Step – Adjust in position

Convey a wood block inside the finish within the new piece where it shines. This might be a buffer relating to the shingle along with the hammer. Hit the block several occasions until it’s correctly aligned. Push the shingle inside the substitute back lower towards the correct position.

Hopefully, you will find the greater concept of who to fix a wood shingle. Remember, if you complete encountering a problem that’s outdoors your height of skill, to find out a professional.

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