How To Buy Art In 6 Steps

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The golden rules for buying your next collector’s item or when you want to buy original fine art paintings. We tell you step by step how to buy a work of art.

  1. Paying More Is Not The Best

Buying a piece of art is a serious purchase, mainly because of the cost of the work. Watch that the price is really according to what it is worth. In the galleries, haggling is not worth it, but you can get a discount if you are lucky. The high price is not always the clue to a good purchase. Try not to buy on impulse; reflect and find out.

Buy the painting that  speaks to you:

Wall art is about interest and taste. Buy the Paintings which you love because painting is particularly unique and each piece of artwork evokes feelings and emotion. Painting may not fit your interior or it may deviate completely from the norm, which is good because you can always enjoy it as long as you want. Don’t hesitate to buy what you like. Sometimes you might not understand the meaning but you still love it. Go with your intuition and select the one you like the most.Find your favorite paintings from a trusted online shop like is a great resource for finding the latest style of contemporary art, thanks to its curated selection and wide range of prices. And yes, if you’re wondering, IndianArtZone artwork is brought to you by the well-known brand from India.

  1. The Artist And His Curriculum Vitae

Before buying, find out about the artist. It is important to assess his curriculum, the number of individual exhibitions he has had if he has work in museums or foundations, if other collectors have been interested in him, his scholarships and awards; ask even if you can meet him in person, this is how he will explain the creative process. Always ask the advice of a gallery owner.

  1. The Expert’s Advice

Gallery owners are not mere dependents on art; they are trained and documented on each artist they represent. Ask them directly, then at home research the artist and compare prices or works for other galleries. If you have a friend who is an art expert, don’t hesitate to call.

  1. Size Does Matter

A work of art varies in price depending on its size. Work measurements establish the price within a particular artist; in a gallery, you work with proportional tables of measurements and prices. Furthermore, the economic value of a sculpture is different from that of an engraving. A work of art varies in price depending on its size.

  1. And At Home, Does It Fit?

Once chosen, think about whether the piece fits in your living room, and you would like to live with it. Some works are complicated to adapt to everyday space. You must visualize it in your environment. “The gallery is not your home; there are pieces that can be very intrusive. Always take measurements before buying.

  1. There Are No Fashions; There Are Sensations

Buying art is based on feelings and sensations. They are acquisitions that, almost always, are made with the heart. Do not get carried away by the fashions of the moment; they can be temporary, and the work ends because you do not like it in a few months. The momentum is good, but also the reason. You have to like the work; it’s that simple. Remember that buying art is based on feelings and sensations.

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