Air Conditioning Maintenance

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There is no way to accurately determine how long an air conditioner can function in perfect condition. However, the device’s useful life is directly related to the preventive maintenance care you have with it.

If you usually worry about the functioning of the air conditioner only when it starts to present problems such as noise, low cooling, horrible smell, or drip, preventive maintenance is not being done correctly by the local company.

The ideal is to regularly check the air conditioner’s operation before the appliance starts showing these signals. After all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, right?

To help you with this task, we have made a checklist below with the essential items that you need to observe regularly on the device. In addition, we also list the four main aspects that interfere with the maintenance of the part. Follow:

  • clean the filters every 15 days. During installation, choose a place where it is easy to remove the filter for cleaning;
  • clean the coils regularly with a soft brush. If the fins are very dirty, clean in the reverse direction of the airflow, being careful not to damage them.
  • check the electrical installation of the air conditioner, checking that the appliance and its devices are correctly connected to the leading network, without interruptions such as blown fuses, open switches, among other pending matters;
  • check that the connections, flanges, and other fixings of the device are correctly tightened, avoiding the appearance of vibrations, leaks, and noise;
  • check the condition of all cables in the device that are subject to wear.
  • observe if there is clogging or dents in the drain hose of the device, avoiding overflow in the tray and, consequently, the leakage by the condenser;
  • make sure that the insulations of the metal parts and pipes are in place and good condition.

The Choice And Installation Of The Product

One of the basic precautions is to check if the chosen air conditioning model is suitable for the proportions and specifications of the environment. As for the installation, we saw that it must be done by a professional or by finding the best contractor.

Having a specialized professional – accredited to the manufacturer or not – is also essential in preventive maintenance of the device. These professionals know exactly the specifics of each type of air conditioning to guarantee effective and safe maintenance.

In preventive maintenance, they carried out tests to verify that the device is operating correctly, checking for possible faults, loose parts, or any other pending issues that could compromise the ideal functioning of the part.

In addition, the preventive maintenance of the device has an excellent cost-benefit, as it identifies possible failures before the problem gets worse, preventing you from having exorbitant expenses with the repair afterward.

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