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In summer, the heat is much and most of the time in the heat, humans get dehydrated. We are not left out with any solution, because that is why the air conditioner and air cooler are brought into the scene, the heat and need for ventilation are what brought into the development of what can bring ventilation, and cold air, and those tools are Air conditioner and Air cooler. A portable air cooler has a lot of advantages over the air conditioner, and the reason is because of the portability and the way it can move around without stress and disturbance. There are a lot of Advantages that are added to using air cooler, it benefits the environment, the human and also helps in reducing the heat passed across in the environment. So in this manner, the equipment is needed and developed to meet this purpose. The portable air cooler is so flexible that it can be used anywhere, ranging from Outdoor, the sitting room, the dining room, and every other place that its use is needed.

There are locations in the earth that are hot climate and also they are very hot the portable air cooler will be needed in such location and such state, the air conditioner will work there also, but it is limited, because it will need installation and it would be restricted to a particular location because of the stress and the challenges that will be attached to moving it from one point to another, also considering its heaviness. The best to use in this case is an air cooler because it will be effective and will be flexible. Apart from converting the temperature and providing the cold temperature to ventilate the place, it also helps to add moisture to the atmosphere to help prevent and stop those issues that come and happens to the human health because of the dryness and the high temperature such as dried skin, cracked skin, and dried breath through the nose.

The people that have the temporary home, that is a moveable house will need the air cooler that is moveable and can be moved around and also that will be portable and so useful for that cause and purpose, but in some cases, what would be better is an air conditioner, because it will be fixed and the space to be used for it is available and the cost of maintenance. The advantage of an air cooler over an air conditioner is that the air conditioner is expensive, while the air cooler is less expensive, but the situation might be different in some cases, the cost of maintenance is also expensive, while for that of air cooler is not expensive.

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