4 Important Characteristics Of Minimalist Home Design

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What do you understand today about minimalist home design? Is it only reforming something under a roof with four walls with a bit of opening for ventilation? Then you’re mistaken. The concept of minimalist architecture only focuses on the aspect of Minimalist Modern House (บ้านมินิมอล โมเดิร์น, which is the term in Thai) that efficiently reduces visual clutter and noise.

Some crucial elements mainly focused on minimalist architecture include structure, space, light, etc. Generally, the minimalist design is designed to draw attraction to its simplest form. Let’s read the article till its end to know the essential characteristics of minimalist modern home design.

Simplicity In Design

The minimalist house comes with a simple layout. It involves a simple open floor with unexposed storage ideas. With that minimalist design, you can avoid complicated exterior doors and ostentatious roof designs. The design of this house is a bit straightforward but also provides excellent functionalities in its simplest form.

Open Space Design

With the open space design, you don’t need to be bothered by clutters. You can only hold the necessary furniture to suit your needs. You can organise your furniture according to your lifestyle. The open space design allows you to move freely and do household chores more efficiently.

Use Of Materials

The Minimalist Modern House design also focuses on a lack of ornamentation. So, it not only deals with architecture detailing but also with the materials used in the project. The common materials used in minimalist home design are glass, steel and concrete. The use of those materials is so realistic and looks lovely in these home design types.

Natural Lighting

The minimalist home design focuses on the lack of ornamentation, so the concept is best applied to one of the best characteristics of minimalist modern home design, and that is natural lighting. It allows the natural light to flood your room better, saving you extra energy. If you are a person who wants to contribute to environmental conversion, then this is the best thing to adopt a minimalist home design. In this way, you will save space, electricity and resources, making a massive contribution to keeping the Earth green.


The minimalist design in architecture has given it a new definition. Since its inception in 1920, it has significantly contributed to the architectural trend. Now, you know most essential characteristics of Minimalist Modern House design. It is expected to see its impact on architecture in the coming days.

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