Choose The Perfect Lip Shade To Open The Gate Of Good Luck

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Everything you take into your use has a deeper impact on your day-to-day life. The clothes you wear or the accessories you put on everything exhibit their energy. Moreover, when used properly, these energies can help you bring a major change into your life.

You will be surprised that cosmetics products like lipstick can help unlock the key to good fortune. Lucky lipstick Color (สีลิปเสริมดวง, which is a term in Thai) can help you enhance your current life condition and assist you in making positive choices in your life.

Your lip color can be useful in manifesting success and popularity in your life. Hence, if you want to find out what lip color you should wear or which shade would benefit you, read this article.

What Lip Colours Should You Use On Each Day Of The Week?

The seven days of the week are associated with seven different colors. Let’s examine which color you should wear on what day.

· Sunday

The people who are born on Sundays are blessed with the attributes of self-confidence, positivity, courage, and charismatic personality. These people should wear the color red and its different shades on Sunday. Still, the shades should be brighter, and you can also consider wearing red lip color on this day to attract good luck and fortune into your life.

· Monday

People who are born on Mondays are often very calm and quiet. Moreover, these people are sweet, soft-spoken, and gentle. Their charming and highly imaginative nature makes them stand out from the rest. These people also have difficulties in dealing with mood swings as they are often known to be moody. It would help if you considered wearing peach and pastel shades of pink on Mondays.

· Tuesday

People who are born on this particular day are brave and challenging. They have a worried attitude and are highly talented. It is often advised to wear the color orange and its different shades. You can also use a similar tone of orange in your lip color to enhance your luck and attract good fortune.

· Wednesday

Wednesday represents the attributes of creating communication and good public relations. People who are born on this day are often known for their socialization and networking skills. You should wear purple and lighter shades to attract money and good luck.

· Thursday

The people born on Thursdays are often advised to incorporate the shades of orange, brown, and nude to attract good luck, money, and power into their life. People born on Thursdays are considered good people with kind hearts. Generosity and selflessness is your biggest power of all time.

· Friday

Dark pink is the color for Friday that you can consider wearing to enhance your luck. It will only impact your productivity level and motivate you to create something productive from your thought process. Wearing lipstick of similar shades on this day can help you attract romantic interests as well.

· Saturday

Saturday calls for maturity, understanding, and an attractive personality. It also represents you as an area-responsible person. Wearing colors like fuchsia pink, golden, orange, blue, and purple on this day is believed to be highly significant. Lip lipsticks similar to these colors can help you become lucky and loved.


Everything in this world have brings a vibration from the universe and influences our life. All you need to do is understand the process and make their perfect use. So wear the perfect shade according your day of born and bring good luck.

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