Norton- Offering Desktop and Mobile Security

Norton Mobile and Desktop Security are one of the products that don’t require any specific mention. An award-winning protection software, the application is designed in such a way that it protects both your Android smartphones and Windows devices against virus and malware. Once you install the product in the device, which you wish to safeguard, it can protect you from harmful threats leading you to explore and work safely in the digital landscape. The Norton Antivirus, developed by Symantec Corruption is one of the most loved parts of the Norton family. By using the feature of signature and heuristics to locate the virus, it runs effectively on Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows. Initially launched for Macintosh Operating system, it has seen a perfect entrance into other versions. If you wish to know more about the same and are thinking to purchase the product for installation, then you should not even waste a single minute and connect with the technical executives at Norton Contact Number.

Different Norton Subscriptions

When it comes to purchasing the Norton Subscriptions that stands perfect for protecting your operating system from virus and malware threats, then you have the options to choose from four subscription plans. These include

  • Norton Antivirus Basic
  • Norton Security Standard
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Norton Security Premium
Are you new to Norton?
The first question to ask yourself is that after you have purchased the product, did you download it?

Battery-friendly video streaming: It has been proven with some tests comparing Chrome and Firefox. The latter one has consumed lesser CPU power with HD Youtube videos, and it is more efficient in power consumption.

Whenever you buy the Norton Security Software from a retail store or through its official website, you are required to download in the device. By offering easy downloading and sign in steps, the users can easily perform the same. And once you have downloaded the product, double click on the extension file from the downloads and install it in the system. Have Multi-license product? Then one more benefits await you. Download it on multiple devices and share it with your near and dear ones

The second question to ponder upon is that is your device fully protected?

Once the installation process is complete, you need to double click on the Norton icon on your desktop. Now if the Norton Security Status turns green, then there is no reason to worry; but if the status appears to be red or orange, then some features and functions of Norton are not enabled properly. You must also ensure that you are timely installing all the new updates that are introduced for this software.

The last question to ask is your data safe?

With the help of Norton Password Manager tool, you can save all your passwords so that you don’t have to remember them. Through Norton Security premium, you can also ensure that your data is safe from intruders. Another interesting feature of this software is that it also allows you to configure your child’s internet usage.

How to manage your Norton account?

After you have made yourself equipped with the above information, you must now dwell deep into the scenario. Some of the target areas that you must understand are about the Automatic Renewal Service, the change of account password/email address, update the billing information, or how to sign in to Norton my account. Look at some of the questions answered below

Update the billing information:
  • To update your Credit card details in Norton, you are first required to sign in to the product
  • Click on Billing Information and to the information that you wish to update
  • Click on ‘Save’
Managing the Automatic Renewal and Subscription Settings

With Norton, you can easily manage the Automatic Renewal Service. It helps you to stay protected from future billing and renewal.

How to change the Norton email address?
  • Sign in to Norton with your current email ID and password
  • Go to personal information page Email and password Edit
  • Update Email Page Enter Password Type a new email address
  • Click on ‘Update Email’
What if Norton starts showing an incorrect subscription date?

If the above scenario becomes your roadblock, then you must search for the question that you have and then execute the desired answer. Some of the questions that are often put forward by the users are

  • The antivirus fails to show the correct subscription days
  • The subscription is displaying as expired even though some days are left
  • After installing the Norton Product, the days from the old subscription were lost
  • Locating an invalid product key error

If you are troubled with any of the above question or have any other issue in mind, then the best way to resolve the dilemma is by reaching out to Norton Support Number and have a word with the certified experts.

How to download and install Norton antivirus in the operating system?

If you wish to install the Norton product that you have purchased from the retail store or any third party website, then you must follow the steps mentioned below. Before you start with the process, you must create a Norton account. If you have already created one, then you can skip this step

  • Launch Norton and sign in with your account credentials
  • Click on Create account (if you don’t have one).
  • Now in the ‘Get Started’ Window, enter your Norton Activation Key or Product key. Ensure to enter it without any error. It is a 25-character key
  • Note: If you are installing Norton through a CD that you have purchased from the retail store, then look for the activation key on either inside the box, on the back of the CD or DVD case or in a card inside the box.
  • Click on ‘Agree and Continue’ once you reach the Get Started Page
  • After that, you need to enter the billing information and credit card details on the Payment method page
  • Verify the details and then on the ‘Enrollment Confirmation screen,’ click on Continue
  • If there are more than on Norton Product associated with the account, then select which you wish to download
  • After the file is downloaded, run the Downloader file
Know more about Norton Activation Key

The Norton Activation Key or the product key is a 25-key character that you get with the Norton product that you have purchased. Make sure that you do not tamper the same as it important and helps to activate the product. It also helps you to update your Norton account. Also, when you are installing Norton antivirus in your device and are asked to enter the product key, make sure that you type the characteristics as it is without any error.

The customer skills, which Norton Support professionals has mastered upon

The technical executives at Norton Customer Support Number are entertaining hundreds of clients every day. In order to ensure that the customers hang up the call with 100% satisfaction, the experts have mastered themselves with a few skills.


When it comes to handling a large chunk of queries on an everyday basis, losing patience can become quite common. But with the professional team at this service, the executives are patient enough to maturely handle all the queries.

Crisp Communicative Skills

The certified experts get calls from different parts. In order to ensure that the other person can understand what the techies have to say, they exhibit amazing communicative skills.

Thorough knowledge about the product

The basic reason why people get in touch with the customer care is because they do not possess the complete knowledge about how to solve a particular issue. The connoisseurs here keep themselves updated with the new advancements with the product and ensure to provide the best solutions possible

Three ways to get in touch with the customer support

Every customer has his or her own way of contacting the customer support. Some like to talk directly to the technical executives, and some wish to avail the best results for the error they are facing through chatting with the customer support executive. The three ways by which you can contact the professional experts are:

Dialing their toll-free number – Through this option, the users can get in touch with the technical experts via call and can avail solutions for their issue.

Through Email – If you are thinking to opt this support feature, then you must exhibit patience. When availing the Email Support, the techies can take some time to respond to the queries

Via Live Chat Support – This is the fastest way to resolve the error. When you are on the website, and you click on ‘Help,’ it connects you with a techie, and you can chat with the expert sharing the issue and getting the perfect solution

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