Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, commonly known as Firefox, is a free, open-source and non-profit web browser. It has started its journey in 2002, and since then it has been serving the needs of a faster, reliable, and secure browser. It was developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary Mozilla corporation. Competing with Chrome and internet explorer, it has eliminated the drawbacks of these browsers and topped the fastest browsers list. It is well supported in HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL. If you want to experience a new way of browsing with a faster network, you can easily download and install the latest version of Firefox to your computer. It is easy for you to access the latest features with an innovative approach and the latest technology. You can get instant support at Mozilla Firefox customer support and access the professional assistance and guidance regarding Firefox.

How to download Mozilla Firefox on windows:

You can easily get the Mozilla Firefox on windows using the simplified installer. This will save a lot of time and make you able to access the browser immediately. You can also contact at Mozilla Firefox customer support for additional support to get help for downloads.

  • Go to the Firefox download page from your browser.
  • Click on download now button and downloading will start for the latest available version of Firefox.
  • Now you can go to the downloads and navigate the downloaded file.
  • Click on the file, and you will get a dialog box.
  • Click on open or run to run the installer.
  • You will get another dialog box asking your permission to change the devices.
  • Click yes to continue and wait for the installation.
  • After few minutes installation will be completed.
Features of Firefox

Private browsing: It provides you a private browsing mode disabling the online trackers and never remember your history when you are done. Feel safe on private browsing mode that you can get in one click and search whatever you want without even getting registered anywhere from your computer to the server.

Tracking protection: If you don’t want adds popping on your webpages, then here is the smart solution. Use specified and powerful tools and freeze them. Enjoy add-free browsing with minimal effort and inbuilt features. You get an uninterrupted internet search for hassle-free web browsing.

Faster page loading: It can easily speed up your browsing by blocking adds and bog down the malicious content. With some inclusive efforts, you will get a 44% boost up page loading and faster than ever browsing speed. Now that enables you to go deeper into the internet without any suffering.

Customization features

Mozilla Firefox allows you customize browser as per your interests and preferences. With some inbuilt cool features, you have the freedom to change the interface completely emphasizing the looks and interest. To know more about the features contact at Mozilla Firefox phone number and get complete support.

Extension: You can choose from thousands of extensions to ease your tasks and enhance your browsing experience. LastPass, uBlock, Origin, and Evernote are some the extensions that help you doing specific activities smoothly and save a lot of time from your watch.

Themes: Choose a specific and suited theme as per your mood that gives a personalized touch every time you take to the browser doing searches and finding queries. You can select new themes from the given pallet or create your own theme to give it a new look.

Toolbar: It allows you to change Firefox settings set up in your own way. You change the positions of features by dragging and dropping them on specific positions. Make easy access for you to modify the home page and make it look more attractive and useful.

Comparative features

Comparing to other browsers, Firefox tops the list in several categories. It can easily compete with the top-class browser with innovation and technology enhancement. It is comparatively more supportive and user-friendly than many other browsers. It can easily beat Google Chrome or internet explorer in many terms.

It is two times faster: This is termed as crazy powerful browser engine that takes 2 times lesser time than other major browsers. A newer version of Firefox; Firefox Quantum is twice faster than an earlier version of Firefox. You can easily compare the speed searching 10 top sites on internet explorer, Google Chrome, and then Firefox Quantum. You will get the immediate and clear result.

30% lighter than Chrome: It never uses a lot of memory from your computer and works efficiently leaving more space on your computer. It never consumes RAM from other programs, and that makes it 30% lighter than Chrome. It apparently reflects on the speed and performance of the browser. A lighter version also creates lesser trouble to your computer and keep it safe always.

Sync all your devices with a Firefox account

Firefox enables you to sync all your devices with one Firefox account. You can also use many of the programs offered by Firefox using a single account. You can use Firefox Lockwise, Firefox Monitor, Firefox send and obviously Firefox browser on multiple devices with a single account.

Switch from Chrome to Firefox within minutes

Now you have gone through some vital points that make Firefox better than any other browser in many terms, so you may be looking for an alternative of your Chrome browser. If you want to try Firefox, the good news is for you that you can switch from Chrome to Firefox within minutes. It will import all the useful data such as bookmarks, auto-fills, saved password and preferences from Chrome and automatically fix it in your new Firefox account. For additional support you can contact at Mozilla Firefox contact number.

Switching from Chrome to Firefox is a simple and easy-to-use process that can be done in a few minutes. It is completely risk-free as you will not be losing any data from your Chrome your account.

  • You can easily download Firefox to your computer.
  • Then select what you want to import form Chrome.
  • Firefox will automatically complete the rest of the process.
  • Now you can enjoy a faster browser with all your saved data.
Some pros and cons of Mozilla Firefox

Since Mozilla Firefox is internet-based programs and open source, you can get benefitted with the browser and some other negative aspects may also be considered. You can contact at Mozilla Firefox phone number for a better approach of additional information. Get some positive and negative aspects of Mozilla Firefox:


Battery-friendly video streaming: It has been proven with some tests comparing Chrome and Firefox. The latter one has consumed lesser CPU power with HD Youtube videos, and it is more efficient in power consumption.

Smooth text scrolling for easy reading: Firefox can easily open and let you scroll quite smoothly for text-heavy pages and provide a better and easy reading than other browsers. With a better combination of mouse movement and page scrolling, it gives your eyes a comfortable experience in reading web pages.

Easy navigation: Firefox allows easy navigation with an easy-to-use interface and standard menu design. One can easily locate specific features and settings on the home page and get an instant action to be done smoothly on the home page.


Comparatively low performances on media-heavy pages: embedded videos, animated images, and large images can lessen the speed on Firefox comparing to other browsers. rich-media pages always create troubles for the browser to load the pages smoothly, but some browser such as Chrome has been evolved to avoid the issue, but Firefox requires to block adds to continue the fast speed.

Useless account: While you use Chrome creating an account on Google helps you to log in with other devices and other programs as well, but Firefox account doesn’t seem so useful as you will require Google account to log in to your other devices. So it will be adding a little hassle for you to create a separate less used account for Firefox.

Get instant support

While start using Firefox, you need to learn about features and extension to use it smoothly. To get the additional support and assistance contact at Mozilla Firefox customer contact number and access prominent support and assistance to know more about the browser. If you are getting issues, then you are advised to contact at the same number to fix your issues easily with ultimate support. You can contact at any time round the clock with the latest approach of problem-solving. You will be getting advanced and extended support for your issues and queries.

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