How to fix inability to print from QuickBooks

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QuickBooks has made accounting very easy. This software has not only helped big business companies but also be helpful to small and medium-sized business companies with the aim of keeping financial aspect of business up-to-date without putting too much manual work. Trouble in using QuickBooks software you can always get in touch with us at QuickBooks customer care number which is available 24×7. The support team is available round the clock to help you in solving any kind of difficulty.

Some of the common issues which QuickBooks witness while printing are: problem connecting to your desired printer, desktop is not printing, printer could not print, could not save your report as .pdf, user is not able to print directly to QuickBooks pdf converter, Print Drive Host has stopped working for 32 bit application, QuickBooks freezes while trying to reconcile account and many more. This issues can occur because the printer is off, the print paper tray is empty, the printer is offline, printer is not connected properly, you are not logged in as administrator and QuickBooks re-installation was done correctly.

How to fix inability to print from QuickBooks

To resolve the printing issue first

  • restart the system
  • switch on the printer
  • check paper tray for the paper
  • check whether your printer is online or not from Control Panel

Give the print command to check if it is resolved or not. If you are still experiencing this technical issue while printing any file or document then you need to follow this effective guide-:

  • Close the QuickBooks
  • After renaming the file QuickBooks QBprint.GBP file, try printing this file.
  • Try printing different file of the same type and same format to make sure where the problem is, is it with the file or software.
  • If you are able to print then the problem is not with the software, it may be because of a corrupted
  • Make sure to have latest and updated driver of the printer

If the above-mentioned steps are not able to print from QuickBooks then you can contact QuickBooks contact number where experts have updated tools to resolve any kind of issue in less than no time.

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