How can you sign up for Merch by Amazon?

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If you work in the print-on-demand industry, you already know that you can sign up for most POD websites for free and get started right away. With Merch by Amazon, things are a little different. For individuals who are unfamiliar with the POD industry, entering Merch by Amazon can be challenging. Merch by Amazon enrollment involves approval, and not everyone is accepted. This post seeks to provide a step-by-step instruction on how to be accepted into the program despite the company’s tight standards and requirements.

Visit to sign up and then click the “Request invitation” button. Fill out a form first, then wait for it to be accepted. The permission can take a few weeks to come. You’ll be put on a waiting list once it’s finished. Acceptance can occasionally take up to six months. After being accepted, you must fill out some basic information to begin. As an Amazon Merch Seller you should know about how to get approved for merch by amazon.

Making Products using Amazon Merch

Click the “Add Products” button on the dashboard. It displays many things that you can customize with your designs. A selection of t-shirts and PopSockets are presently available on Amazon Merch. Use the downloaded templates from Amazon if you’re unsure of the procedure. They facilitate your task. The print dimensions are used to group these templates.

The rules and regulations set forth by Amazon must be followed by the designs submitted to Merch by Amazon.

  • The items shouldn’t infringe upon any already-existing copyrights and trademarks.
  • Nothing except images
  • No false product information
  • No one may ask for product reviews.

Do not produce materials with offensive content. This includes depictions of human suffering, vulgarity, the encouragement of hatred or bigotry, pornographic material, the use of children, the promotion of violence, etc. Mental illness shouldn’t be mentioned for UK vendors either.

Additionally, you must ensure that your design complies with the following:

  • Nothing except images
  • High design standards
  • Does not contain a contact page
  • No content discrepancy or spelling error
  • Product metadata that is accurate
  • Does not advocate giving to causes or charities
  • Does not support political candidates
  • No product quality, fulfillment, or shipping-related design content

Final thoughts

Online t-shirt sales through Merch by Amazon are a terrific way to earn money, but getting accepted might be challenging. Merch by Amazon is not a quick way to get rich or make money. Keep in mind that it may take months only to receive an invitation to join. Your Merch designs will compete with thousands of others once you get there. You have to work hard if you want to stand out from the crowd. Your SEO efforts and social media marketing will decide how long it takes.

Merch is an excellent method to generate thousands of dollars in passive income, even though it will take some time. With Amazon Merch, you may generate several thousand dollars per month. Some businesses have made tens of thousands of dollars in sales after being established. Many sellers fall victim to the pitfall of losing sight of their role as the seller. The only thing Amazon doesn’t handle is the actual sale. This is another reason why Merch on Amazon is effective for anyone with a sizable enough social media following, including bloggers, influencers, and well-known brands.

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