Firefox not Working Properly

firefox not working properly

Mozilla regularly updates its Firefox browser so that users enjoy additional security while browsing the web. However, when you update the software, certain system settings are changed that may lead to errors later on. If you encounter any error while updating the software you can call the Firefox phone number and ask for help. You can also read through this blog to get an overview of some solutions you can try whenever you find that Firefox does not work properly.

Solutions to fix Firefox not working

After you update your software, or once you download the latest version of Firefox, you may need to change certain settings or delete certain files to ensure the browser runs smoothly. Here are some solutions you can try in case Firefox does not work after the software update:

  1. Complete pending updates and delete unwanted files: Outdated versions of your security software such as Comodo Firewall can cause Firefox to stop working without any error message. You will need to update Comodo to the latest version if you want Firefox to work properly. Additionally, you should check your folders and system drive to delete unnecessary files manually.
  2. Check the security software settings: While it may seem like a good idea to install multiple internet security software for added security, you may end up with more problems later. Certain security software, such as ZoneAlarm, can prevent Firefox from starting. You can check the virtualization settings or call the Firefox support number and speak to a technical expert to resolve the issue.
  3. Run Firefox in Safe Mode: Sometimes, Firefox does not work properly because some extensions or add-ons were disabled after the update. It would be best if you started Firefox in ‘Safe Mode’ so that you can identify the problem and make the necessary changes to the browser. You will need to navigate to the menu and click the option that reads, “Restart with Add-ons Disabled.”
  4.  Disable hardware acceleration: The hardware acceleration option allows you to use computer hardware that is specifically designed to help you run Firefox more efficiently. However, there are times when hardware acceleration can cause technical errors that may cause Firefox to crash. You can go to the ‘General’ section and uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option before you run Firefox.

If you need additional help to implement the solutions mentioned above, you can call the Firefox support number and speak to a software expert. A team of experienced technicians will give you a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot the issue so that you can use Firefox without any problem.