Best Choices You Can Do To The Bands: Jazz

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Elegance, glamor, sophistication, professionalism, top musicians and singers, are you looking for live music for your party? Jazz bands are the perfect and most demanded option in all kinds of events. This post tells you everything you need to know to hire jazz groups at your parties and events. As you opt to Find a band (หาวงดนตรี, which is a term in Thai) you can have the best choices right there in jazz.

Hire Jazz Groups Tips For Hiring A Jazz Band

Types of Jazz Bands

Knowing the different types of jazz bands will help you understand what you need for your event. But if we start to classify the different types of jazz bands, it would be worth doing a brief review of the genre’s evolution throughout history. As you look to Find a band, this is the best option you can go for.

The jazz is developed from three musical traditions that lived at the end of the nineteenth century in the United States: instrumental orchestras of the typical American military bands (marches), the influence of European music, religious chants (spiritual), and improvisation the African American community.

At this time, we began to talk about ragtime, a mainly pianistic genre that is considered the greatest influence on jazz’s origin. Starting in 1900, what we know today as Traditional Jazz was developed with the famous New Orleans style. Street bands performed ragtime, marches, spirituals, giving way to improvisation, the most characteristic feature of jazz.

In these bands, the greatest weight fell on the cornet that interpreted the main melody, supported by the trombone and the clarinet that introduced improvised variations on that basis. Gradually more instruments such as double bass, sax, banjo, piano, and percussion were incorporated. We locate the Dixieland bands and the first jazz recording dated 1917, which is a dixie record.

The Chicago style developed in 1920, incorporating a more frenetic rhythm and the sax to be highlighted. In the 1930s, the golden age of jazz began with swing and big bands.

From here, we can say that jazz has evolved into different subgenres such as bebop, cool jazz, smooth jazz, jazz fusion, nu-jazz, etc.

The Best Bands

Now you can find the bands with the more traditional jazz. In this type of groupings, which were usually street groups, 3 instruments predominated in their origins: the tuba, the cornet, and the piano, but we can find bands with more devices such as the clarinet, bass, trombone, sax, the banjo or percussion instruments. While you find a band, you can be sure that they can genuinely enchant you.

Usually, they are instrumental bands because it was street music that did not need amplification, but this does not mean that the song cannot be sung.

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